Strategic Actions

In order to implement the policy objectives, Strategic Actions in Forestry and Reforestation sector are summarized as follows;

The Forest Policy's Strategies are:

  • Forest Conservation;
  • Sustainable Forest Management;
  • Capacity Development;
  • Forest Economy and Markets;
  • Community Governance;
  • Monitoring and Law Enforcement;
  • Transparency, Work Conditions, Incentives and Integrity

It is important to note that the strategies, goals, objectives and expected results outlined below are not listed in order of priority. The government and involved stakeholders will decide on the prioritization of the NFP implementation through annual, mid-term and long-term planning.

Objective 1) Review the Forestry Act
a) Establish a working review working committee and engagement of consultant.
b) Identify new provisions for inclusion in the new Forestry Bill.
c) Amendment of relevant provisions of the FRTU Act.
d) Consultation with relevant stakeholders such as land owners, provincial governments, ministries, forest industries, NGO’s, CBO’s etc.
e) Submit drafting instructions to Attorney Generals Chambers.
f) Draft Bill submitted to Cabinet.
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