Forest Development & Reforestation Division

Mr. Richardson Raomae, Deputy Commissioner,
Tel : 24503/24215, Email :

The Forest Development & Reforestation Division was established in year 2008 from the activities mandatory under the Former Ausaid Forestry Management joint Program (FMP). The Division was set up following consultations by the former FMP management and Senior Government officials to implement the National Forest Plantation Development Program through promotion of small holder Forest Plantation Scheme.


To effectively implement the National Forest Plantation development program in all provinces of SI so that future wood supply can be generated from forest plantations even when there is a decline in wood supply from the natural forest.


  • To successfully implement the National Forest Plantation Development program
  • To facilitate reforestation enterprises (promote medium to large scale Forest Plantation Development).
  • To ensure farmers & resource owners receive relevant information & Training on Forest Plantation   Silviculture.
  • To provide logistic support to provincial forestry stations for efficient & effective implementation of   approved programs.
  • To ensure accurate data on forest plantation establishment
  • To improve genetic quality of planting materials used in the program
  • Increase seed sources and maximize seed supply & production.
  • Promote enrichment planting
  • Effectively participate in Joint scientific research
  • Maintain link to rural communities through village base Forestry extension network.
  • Monitor program activities.

Under the division, there are 16 provincial stations for forest extension services ; 5 stations(19 VBFEOs) in Eastern Region, 5 stations(19 VBFEOs) in Central Region, 6 stations(15 VBFEOs) in Western Region. VBFEO is Village-Based Forestry Extension Officer.