Forest Resource Management & Technical Service Division

Mr. Terence Titiulu, Deputy Commissioner
Tel : 24215, Email :

The Division is responsible for the management and execution of certain delegated responsibilities of the forest resources in the country. The Division is mandated to achieve the Policy Strategies of the Government within the delegated responsibility and competency to manage the forest resources of Solomon Islands in perpetuity by ensuring that future generations of Solomon Islands continue to receive maximum advantage with higher returns from their resource.

The section is mandated to achieve the following core programs and strategies

  • Improve regulation, monitoring and enforcement within the forest sector by conducting
      multi-stakeholder consultation on proposed forestry legislation, undertaking assessment of the value of   standing forest, strengthening the application of the development consent process in forests areas,   strengthening the management of information on licenses, as well as improving downstream   processing and market access for timber through training on timber processing, establishing an   internationally recognized timber legality system and strengthening landowner led timber milling.
  • Strengthen the existing reforestation and plantation development programme by strengthening   incentive mechanisms for reforestation and plantation development by landowners.
  • Establishment of Forest Reserves to conserve watersheds by developing a framework for the   establishment and management of forest reserves that can be included within legislation and building   the capacity of MoFR, MoAL, and MECDM staff to establish them.

Licensing Unit’s responsibility include assisting the Commissioner of Forest to process milling and felling licenses, create & maintain a viable license data base, attend timber right hearing, witness execution of Standard Logging Agreement, offer advice to clients regarding timber rights, carry out timber rights awareness with Provincial Executives, rural communities and perform other administration duties such as filling of correspondences within the Unit. Periodic activities:

  • Assess and register new licence application.
  • Monitor timber rights process.
  • Monitor compliance of licence conditions.
  • Review of licensing files and cancelled licenses files archived.
  • Filing correspondences into designated files.
  • Monitor and updating licensing data base information.

The Section is to effectively monitor and enforce the forestry legislation and its regulations for better use of our forests to improve and maintain forest sustainability of our Nations’ Forests for maximum benefit and continuous forest services to our future generations. Core functions are;

  • Provide relevant documents to other Ministries, forest stakeholders and the general public on logging   issues and procedures.
  • Attend to clients in office regarding logging issues.
  • Response to incoming and outgoing correspondences in relation to logging issues.
  • Undertake field tours to investigate, verify and advise the Commissioner of Forests on possible course   of action to be taken.
  • Prepare affidavits with AG on behalf of the Commissioner of Forests.
  • Attend combine seminars and tours with Law Enforcement Section e.g. Immigration, Labour and etc.