Forest Industries Division

Ms. Margaret Salini, Deputy Commissioner
Tel : 24215, Email :

The Forest Industries Division comprises of two sections, namely the Marketing Section and the Operations Section which were headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Forests.
Core Function is to monitor all logging operations to ensure improved revenue from log shipments and compliance with FRTUA, its subsidiary regulations and Code of Logging practices.

  • Effectively provide compliance monitoring in line with Code of Logging practices and license conditions.
  • Collaborate with Customs Officials for proper monitoring of log shipments.
  • Maintain updated records of log consignments.
  • Improve monitoring capacity on the ground.

Operation Section is mainly responsible for

  • Monitor logging operations for compliance with forestry law
  • Monitor log shipments : quantities, grades, species
  • Manage timber harvesting operations
  • Maintenance of office and staff Houses

Marketing Section is mainly responsible for

  • Market price intelligence
  • Monitoring of log export
  • Facilitation and processing of Sawn timber application