National Herbarium & Botanical Garden Division

Mr. Fred Pitisopa, Deputy Commissioner,
Tel : 24215, Email :

The Division exists as an implementer of Solomon and overseas joint researches and studies which would lead to greater understanding and knowledge about the uses of the forest resources and why protection, conservation and studying of these forest resources and their ecological biodiversity is so important. Besides, the Division is also responsible in the collection and preservation of the plant specimen and information for the identification of their botanical names and their potential uses.

Policy Statement : Ensure the sustainable utilization and conservation of natural resources, protection of the environment and successful adaptation to climate change.

Vision Statement : Envisions to become one of the top National Herbariums and Botanical Gardens in the South Pacific.

Mission Statement : To develop and promote a place for recreation and biodiversity conservation, education and research to encourage sustainable utilization and appreciation of the country’s plant genetic resources.

Specialized functions

The management functions of the Division can be classified into several specialized components such as.

  • Herbarium and Botanical Garden Management
  • Forest Research(Forest Ecology, Ethno-Botany, Dendrology/Botanical Studies)
  • Animal Sciences (e.g. Entomology, Herpetology, Avifauna, Mammal studies, etc.)
  • National Forest Conservation programs
  • Non-Timber Forest Products
  • Investigate into carbon and environmental services rent