The Japanese International Cooperation Agency’s (JICA) newly partnered project with the Ministry of Forest and Research, which is known as “The Project on Capacity Development for Sustainable Forest Resource Management (JICA-MOFR Forestry Project)” is a new elevation to many known collaboration programs.

The JICA Project aims to enhance ministry’s capacities for developing the methodologies to sustainably utilize the current available forest resources of Solomon Islands and also endeavours to avail the potentials of community own forest resources as the alternatives, in order to reduce the dependency on the logging at community level. Formulation of the Forest Technical Working Group (FTWG), comprising of key stakeholders that are willing to share information and advices and lend a hand to people in Solomon Islands is another testimony to the project’s commencement. The Project with the Ministry will endeavour with all possible options to achieve the goal through intensive continuous discussions with all the stakeholders, including ministry’s officials.


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